Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Monday, June 21, 2010

Farm Tour and Open House this Sunday!

This Sunday, June 27, 2010 we will be having an Open House as well as a Farm Tour with 5 other small area farms like ours. It is from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. There will be spinning and felting demonstrations as well as beverages and snacks from things grown here on the farm. Come see the animals and visit our farmstand which will be filled with various items. The tour is set to share small scale farming as well as organic and self sustainability which is getting to be very important in this day and age.
The following farms will be joining us:

*ALPACAboose Farm:12 East St., in Oxford, CT. Come and meet our Alpaca girls and spend some time learning about these wonderful animals. Browse our farm store full of products made from their beautiful fiber. We will also have spinning and needle felting demonstrations. Contact Ron or Rose East for more information: 203-888-4695

*Alpaca Hill Farm: 8 Willow St, Seymour, CT. Visitors can meet our 19 Alpacas, muscovy ducks and herd guardian, Kramer (Great Pyrenees) when they come. http://www.alpacahillfarm.com/ or call 203-888-1526. We sell soft yarns and roving from our own animals in a variety of natural colors. Alpaca felt with a blend of colors is also featured for sale from our herd, as well as our own products we have lovely garments made from alpacas. Cuddly alpaca toys and alpaca bears are a favorite. Visitors will learn about alpacas and their care, as well as getting to pet and feed alpacas alfalfa cubes.

*Dream Come True Farm: 82 Freeman Rd, Oxford, CT. Mike and Pam Blasko will feature, Ashford spinning wheels with demos, goats milk soaps, handspun yarns and turned wooden bowls, among other items all made here on the farm. http://www.dreamcometrueyarn.com/ 203-736-2630

*Old Solar Farm: 153 Bowers Hill Rd, Oxford. Bill Deusing, We grow organic vegetables, and have a few chickens for eggs, as well as fruits and berries. 203 231-1790 http://www.ctnofa.org/

*Rowanwood Farm: 31 Chestnut Hill Rd, Newtown,Ct. A.J. and Jeff Collier have alpacas, llamas, Olde English Babydoll sheep, and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. The farm has "gone green" following the trends of today, by harvesting and selling all of the natural products produced from the animals. There is alpaca fiber, sheep wool, and homespun yarns. They have thirty varieties of uniquely scented , handcrafted goat milk soap. The pedigreed herd of alpaca, goats, and sheep are also for sale. 203-270-8346 or http://www.rowanwoodfarm.com/

Sunday, June 20, 2010

There's an imposter in the hen house!

So, a few months ago I ordered my chickens and it read "hens only". My order went in and figured that would be nice to just have hens and not have to deal with an aggressive rooster. We have been noticing this guy for the past couple of weeks and am convinced she's a he! This picture doesn't show his tail feathers but he is getting them, long and black and red. Check out the iridescent feathers coming out in his neck. He has not started to crow yet but he even cuckles different than the others. The hen in the background is what a hen should look like. This guy is also much bigger than the "girls"...oh well...I think I'll keep him anyway, he's kind of grown on us.
Update: The morning after I posted this, Tim and I were walking up to the chicken coop when we heard a gosh awful sound which sounded much like the owl at work when we are cutting his talons. We stood there for a moment and realized it was the rooster attemping to crow!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Needle Felted Alpaca Pillows now in the Farm Stand

Needle Felted Alpaca Pillows are now in Coon Hollow Farm's farmstand. Each pillow is made with 100% Alpaca and handcrafted here on the farm, generally into the night after long days at work, but the desire to create makes me choose that over sleep! I have so many new designs in mind and can't wait to get started on them!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Olde English Babydoll Southdown Lambs for sale

On the left is our two brother lambs a couple of days old and on the right is them now. They are inseperable and will be sold as a pair. One is black and one is white. Their wool is wonderful and would make a great addition for a spinner. They are both friendly and as sweet as can be. Their father is "Harley" a super nice ram and their mother is "Sweetie" and the name totally fits her.  In the morning when I go down to feed they tug on my pant leg, they always want to know what you are doing and will let you pick them up and they actually act like they enjoy it!

As you can see in the picture below and on the left, he wants to know what the camera is all about!