Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Apiary gets a makeover!

It was long over due! The Apiary needed a makeover. I was looking at some last year pics of my bees and noticed bottom boards with mold and our hives just looking dingy. 

This year I will be switching over to Mediums as I get older and don't have the help. The hive bodies are just getting too heavy for me. I would love to have because Tim will not become a beekeeper! We painted each piece a different color so I can keep track of what is what!

We literally broke the whole Apiary down, painted, cleaned and sorted out old equipment. It was daunting but on this beautiful Sunday we got it done! 

And there it is! Our bees arrive this coming weekend and we are ready. I can't wait to see those wonderful creatures flying again! 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

A hard Spring takes it toll...

Sadly our only hive to make it through the winter was lost in March. March is the hardest month for a hive. The winter and spring here in Connecticut has been a very hard and cold one. They seem to have broken cluster and were in many small clusters throughout the hive. I found the queen by herself hanging from the top.

The hive was still loaded with frames of honey like this one. There was still candy on the candy board and pollen patties. It seems the cold must have snapped and they weren't prepared. We have new bees coming next week, but was looking forward to bringing this hive through. They were strong, mite counts were very low and they were nasty as get out! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

It's Kit Mania!

As we approach our first Festivals of the year, we reflected on request from last year and looked over notes we took. One of the most requested items was kits! I have worked on prototypes, instructions and supplies for each one. It then began a production line of kits. The winter in Connecticut has been a long and hard one with many snow days.

My Santa Star ornament is now available in a kit complete with everything you need!

Lambs in white or Grey with Lincoln locks included in the kits! They come with complete instructions and everything to make them, even the felting needles.
We are also working on other designs like this little pig with glass eyes. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Pardon my absence but...

So pardon my absence, we've been a bit busy around here! While having one of the roughest winters in Connecticut that just won't quit, Tim had a hip replacement sending us behind on farm chores for sure! I did my best and with the help of our son, I stayed on top of as much as I could. Tim's on the mend, back to work and we are catching up slowly and preparing for Spring.

On March 29 we said goodbye to our beloved Zoe who was 15. Taking care of her towards the end was hard and took a lot of time. We will miss that precious face as well as her "princess" personality. It's just not the same around here without her.

However, with all the snow days, time taken off to take care of everyone, I was able to produce some new products that we will have at some upcoming shows! At my last show, kits were the most requested thing! We will have a number of new products to choose from at our booth. Look on the side bar for our upcoming events. I feel like I am back in the saddle and ready to go!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What a day for the bees! In February?

Today we had record breaking temperatures in Connecticut! The temps got well in to the 70's and the bees were out and about.

I even spotted some bringing in pollen, in February?!!!!!

As the girl to the right is doing some house keeping, the girl on the left is telling the tale in the form of a waggle dance, showing her excitement of her find. 

                                                Another one with pollen!
Before closing them up, I offered some more fondant which they were readily munching on as well as a good sized pollen patty. Hang in there girls, it's a trick! We still have a month until Spring!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The egg dry spell is over!

Finally, our dry spell has ended with the chickens finally laying these two eggs! They stopped laying mid December and havent laid anything since. We lost a few of our older girls this winter. We will be adding some new girls this Spring. So happy to be back to fresh eggs and not those nasty store bought ones.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Making Bath Bombs

Have you ever gone into a shop and seen the Bath Bombs but the cost was so high you thought again. I wanted to explore how to make these so I set out to learn. Now I see why they cost so much, they are labor intensive but they are also fun to make. There are various recipes on such sites as Pinterest, etc. You will need your various ingredients. Some supplies and more than anything, bath bomb molds!

With a good wisk blend all you ingredients together. This takes some time but you can do it while watching tv or something.

In this batch I wanted whole lavender on each end of the bath bomb so I put just a pinch in each mold.

Pack them as tight as you can and then bring the molds together, push as hard as you can to get a good pack...

Take them right out of the mold and there you are, instant bath fizzy bombs for your tub! Your skin will drink in the ingredients and will be amazingly soft too!

This batch I experimented with rose pedals I ground down, I used a gentle red dye to give it a rose color. So there you go, easy peasy! We will have these in our new gift corner that we will have at upcoming shows but for now, you can find me in the bath!!! 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Bees on a Winter Day

We have good and bad news to report from the bee yard. The good news is our hive we've dubbed the "mean girls" are alive and well, as well as mean as ever! This hive is strong and thriving.

I added some more pollen patties and vondant left over. 

Sadly the other hive did not do so well. I found bees throughout the hive in clusters that appear to have starved to death. This cluster was interesting as it had the queen and some workers in the center but tons of food on this frame and throughout the whole hive.

Here is a closer view...

And even a closer one here. She still has her dot on her back. So very sad...

Monday, January 15, 2018

Fair thee well Willie

Today was a sad day as we lost our "One Eyed Willie". The "Rico Suave" of the chicken coop. While the other roosters spent their time squabbling,  Willie used his time wisely courting the ladies. We will miss his kind demeanor and the ease to sneak up on him and grab him for a hug. RIP Willie

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Chicken down!!!!

We have been under very cold conditions here in Connecticut with record breaking temperatures which is putting a lot of stress on our animals. Yesterday I went up to feed our chickens in the morning and found this old girl in great distress. With eyes closed and hiding in the coop, she was in big trouble.

I brought her down to the house, did an examination and quickly found out what was the matter. Her crop was huge and hard. She has been eating but my guess was she wasn't getting much water.  I quickly gave her water and began to massage, breaking up the solid clump that was her crop. I began giving her mineral oil along with water every half hour and off to work she came with me for the day. At this point she could barely stand and was quite weak.

This is her about 4 hours later!!! Standing, more energy and feeling much better. 

With negative temperatures she could not go back to the coop so she has spent the last two nights in our bathtub!!!

The sign is in the poop...on the right was her earlier droppings and on the left a much more formed and normal stool telling me she is on the mend!!! 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Closing out 2017 with gratefulness

2017 leaves us with much to be grateful for. It didn't start out so well with the loss of our sweet Missy Marie. She was with our family for almost 15 years and we were blessed to have her.

Tim continues his love affair with Autumn. Never have we had a dog that is "his". Her devotion to him always met with a hug when he comes home at night.

In April a beautiful little boy named Noah joined our family...

He has brought such joy to our family.

We only added one New little one to our managerie named PJ. The New human babies have taken over that spot.

After a rough year before losing all our hives to a bear, we have rebounded and begun to rebuild our apiary.

Our daughters family added 2 New puppies named Onyx&Odie!!! 

Our friend Kenny has recovered well from his transplant surgery and we continue to cherish our friendship with him and Jane.

We took time out for friends and fun on the beach.

Noah and Scarlett grow and we try not to miss a moment.

Much wanted projects like this one were completed.

Time was spent with cherished friends...

As I continue to make greater goals towards where and what I want to do in life...

Watching these two grow up as cousins and friends is priceless.

So as we leap into 2018, we do so with a grateful heart...