Lovin' time at Coon Hollow Farm

Lovin' time at Coon Hollow Farm
Our Olde English "Babydoll" Sheep and their lambs

Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving on and the return of "The Sugarbush"

 Many of you who read my blog regularly may have noticed my absence and many of you know why. On January 25th my family lost my sister, Laura. She passed away with dignity and peace on that day and left our hearts broken forever. I am finding myself lost and overwhelmed with so much to do and making sure my niece Cassie, her only daughter is o.k. She has been all I can think about.
Tim decided to tap this year which was the farthest thing from my mind...
 So he brought out the equipment and prepared for the maple harvest. The weather has been unbelievably warm this February and the trees are running at a fast rate of drip...
I really think this is Tim's way of dealing with his pain as well, he loved her as well. So he is keeping himself busy with a new coat of paint and a new smoke stack for the evaporator as well.
He has already harvested close to a gallon of syrup as you can see he spent most of the day boiling down and the backyard smelled amazing...as we try to push on we have to thank the farm for never giving us a break and keeping us busy as we continue to heal through this difficult process...


  1. I the piece of your heart that is missing will fill and heal with amazing memories of your sister. Moving on has got to be tough. Hold your family close. Peace Dawn.

  2. Dawn, I never offered you my sorrow for your deep pain in the loss of your sister. I can't imagine losing one of the people closest to me now. Please take as much comfort as you can each day from your husband and the other people and animals in your life. Kathy

  3. Thank you Pam and Kathy, your words are comforting...