Lovin' time at Coon Hollow Farm

Lovin' time at Coon Hollow Farm
Our Olde English "Babydoll" Sheep and their lambs

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chicken worming, easy, not so much!

Three weeks ago Tim and I set out

 to worm the chickens. We were worried about gape worms and other things they can pick up, so a spring worming was in order. As you can see we wormed the rooster first and got him out of the pen...
armed with good old Ivermectin, we proceeded to worm them all and then follow up 3 weeks later...
This little girl gave us a fight, smacking us with her wing, biting us and giving Tim a real hard time as we attempted to worm her...
These two ladies did their best to give us the slip, but we got them anyway. So, we are wormed for the coming spring season, with Tim and I surviving the process!


  1. I learn so much from your blog.. I didn't know that chickens needed wormed.. I guess I am a city gal!! lol

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