Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Oh the stress of the molt

With the loss of daylight, it's time for the chickens to molt. They need to loose those summer feathers and bring in those cold weather feathers and reserve some nutrients to grow new feathers in. They slow down on egg production which is not good for this farmer and her customers.  As they loose their feathers they begin to look very sad like this girl above! 
This poor girl only has this last spike of a tail feather left.
This poor girl! I'm ready to knit her a sweater! She almost looks naked! Her neck is half bald, but she is already showing some regrowth.
The good thing about this time of year is the beautiful feathers you will find. This was a wing feather but the unique thing about it is it has a double shaft and two feathers coming out. Contact us if you're looking for feathers, we have plenty!

 Looking at this girl, it's like she's channeling her inner Turkey Vulture! AS she was standing there, she was literally plucking her feathers off of her body.
So to our egg customers, this is the real reason why our supply of eggs is low right now! It should get better in the next couple of weeks!

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