Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Working with new "Beeks"

 Today I had the great pleasure of working with three new beekeepers! We re-visited the hives and found some interesting results. This frame was filled with brood (baby bees that are capped).
 As we went through the hives, Kisha's hive is responding quite well to their new queen cells. They have capped them and are awaiting to see who will be the queen! The over wintered hive was trying to swarm again so we made a split.
 Pat and Sue (not pictured because she took this picture) were observing and able to see numerous scenarios, from queen cells to drawn out comb to capped and uncapped brood. Their bees come next week and they are excited!
 Here is the class of 2014, the new "Beeks", Pat, Susan and Kisha! I hope they enjoy beekeeping as much as I do...
and here is our new split! Complete with two frames of brood with a few queen cells, some bee bread and a sugar water feeder. It will remain in the greenhouse for a few days sealed so the queens pheromone will dissipate and they will choose the new queens they are raising.  With any luck they will complete my hive number 4!

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