Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Poor Frankie

Poor Frankie hasn't been feeling so well. Last week I noticed him sitting in his litter box. I took him out and noticed he had fly strike on his side! I quickly put my skills to work cleaning it out, flushing his side and checking him over. I was not too late! He was given antibiotics as well as something to treat the area. The only thing I could think was I may have accidently clipped him during grooming or he got a scratch while in the outside exercising pen. He has spent a week now in our bathroom which he has thoroughly enjoyed and seen things he cannot unsee! We are not quite sure how his face got like this! He got cleaned up and clipped and is doing great. This is the sweetest boy! 

Friday, July 12, 2019

The Class of 2019 graduate chicks!

Our chicks are growing so fast and becoming so beautiful! We added some new breeds to our flock and they are coming along just fine. This year we had lost a few to failure to survive as well as two being trampled. I was not too pleased about that and learned that placement of the water bottle and a tight corner was the reason. 
Above is a Cuckoo Maran pullet. They look much like a Barred Rock but their pattern is not a continuous barred pattern and it gives them somewhat of a smoky look to them. 

This chick is a stunner! A blue Americana, but I am suspicious this is a rooster, not a hen. I could be wrong but those tail feathers have me thinking!

A Lavender Orpington! These chicks are not only stunning as they give off the appearance of lavender coloring but are a super friendly breed! I believe this one will be a rooster. I bought these as straight runs and it appears this may be the only roo!

This Golden Laced Wyandotte is a pretty little up and coming hen. Their patterns are coming along nicely.

Another rare colored Americana, this one too I believe may be a roo but it's still out for debate.

My only Buff Orpington. I call her "honkie". She has this uncanny honk sound she makes all the time when she gets excited. She's a sweet in your face chick who when I come in, she's all over me and what I am doing.

This sweety is an Olive Egger, yet a very rare blue.

I was so excited when they offered this breed tis year! The gorgeous Welsummer! 

Just look at the color pattern here. This is beautiful bird and I am looking forward to seeing them grow into their beauty!

Our only Speckled Sussex who is in a very awkward stage right now, her speckles are coming in but taking their time!

One last glance of the Lavender Orpingtons. He in foreground and I am thinking roo in front. They are till growing and changing but I am so pleased with theis birds and adding them to our flock!