Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A sad passing...

This morning our beloved "Angus" passed away and the farm is very sad. We went down to do some chores and noticed he was not there. He had layed down under a tree up on the hill and peacefully passed away.
Angus came to us soon after we started the farm as a rescue with another who was very old. We never knew exactly how old they were, they came matted and starving. Our shearers thought they were a mix between an alpaca and llama but we never told him that because he thought he was an almighty llama! No more will he meet us at the gate in the morning or plunge his head into the grain bucket. No more will he give me his gentle kisses or let me give him a neck scratch. There will be a huge void in our hearts for our beloved gentle boy with the crystal blue eyes...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

They're taking over!!!

 Look at them! They are simply shameless, taking over the floor of the greenhouse. Suning themselves, taking dust bathes on the floor of my greenhouse...
You can't turn your back on these girls, they will take over the world or at least the greenhouse! Me and "Honey Bunny" went up to do some planting and transferring and we couldn't get in! They're taking over I tell ya!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shearing Day!

We started shearing day off with much humming and suspicion! They knew we were up to something. First we lured them down with grain, then we sealed their access to the hill...and then it was a hum fest!
  Royal was quickly dealt with to avoid excess spitting and injury. He is very protective of his herd and can get very dangerous. He is done first and quickly turned out...
 Everyone was brushed to get as much vegetable matter out as possible. It had also rained the evening before so it also dried them a bit.
 The shearers arrived and began with the sheep. Their fleeces were beautiful, especially our whether "Fred". I can't wait to get my hands on our lamb "Daisy's" fleece!
 Then it was time for the Alpacas. Here Jeremiah and Rick (on the right) with Tim on the left helping to prepare "Norman"...
 We had a lot of helpers who we could not get it done without, our son Timmy (on the rope), my mom and BillieJo on bagging and Sydnie on the gate...
 and there is me looking like a hot mess on trimming hooves...
 many of them needed to get their teeth done, the smell really smells worse than the dentist and if you look really close you can see smoke!
...afterwards they are naked, ready for the warm weather ahead and with a little snack they have forgotten the whole thing, except the humans who are still recovering!

Monday, April 15, 2013

So many eggs!

 Okay so I didn't collect for a couple of days! This time of year you can skip a day or two! When I collected I had over 60 eggs!
This basket was filled to the brim! With 26 hens laying that is a lot of eggs! So remember we have eggs for sale! Mostly extra large brown eggs with an occasional jumbo egg!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

and her name is...

After long consideration, 3 separate lists suggestions, going back and forth with the family, we have chosen..............."Honey"! The name was just so perfect the first time I saw it for two reasons, it was our late dog "Amy"s nickname and I am a beekeeper! Her color will change to be like cream honey as well. We are in love with this little soul! She spent part of her day in the greenhouse eating the chickens hay and here she is joining us on a break from farm chores. I am so happy we decided to have her join our farm family!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A new member of the Coon Hollow Farm family!

 Here she is! Our new English Angora Rabbit. We are not quite ready to name her. We are hoping she will tell us what her name is...
 Here is her mom, just look at those lovely long ears, she is so beautiful!
 Our ride home was a long one and she did very well. When I got her home, settled her in, she took a long nap.
 We took her outside onto the deck and let her roam around on the picnic table for a bit. She was quite inquisitive, taking in what was all around her. Autumn is fascinated with her and we thought it would be Zoe!
 She stopped for a moment and struck a pose for me. She just knows she is a beauty! I have to say I am in love!
Just look at those ears! The tufts are already starting. That is my favorite thing about English Angoras, those adorable ears.
Of course I had to check out her fiber! She is the softest thing I have ever touched. I can't stop petting her and touching her! I am so happy that she has come to live with us. It has not been a decision I came to lightly. I have researched them and have been searching for rescues, but to no avail. I found a woman and her daughter who bred for the first time and loved their rabbits so much. They were informing and passionate about their rabbits. So the journey begins, exploring this beautiful little soul and the possibilities that her fiber can provide as she enriches our lives!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Changing of the guard...

 Sadly this morning when I opened the chicken coop, our old rooster "Big Red" had passed away during the night. He had a long tough road and was really coming along well. I was about to post new pics of his progress. I inspected the wound after his passing and it had healed so nicely. He was a tough bird and we are somewhat surprised by his passing...
so it's time for his son, "Red Jr" or as we have been calling him, "Studly". He has stepped up into the role of a rooster, watching over his flock. Always concerned of the slightest distress in one of his hens, and today stepped in to take over his fathers flock as well. In both pictures here he is on alert, watching his girls, all 26 of them! RIP "Big Red" I will never forget you and will always respect you!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hand Carding a fiber of a different color...

... or should I say of a different fiber! Today I was going through my fiber stash and came across some Angora rabbit as well as some Chinchilla. Here I am using hand carders to pull apart the clumps.

 This is the Chinchilla that I got from my friend and the tool to the left is called a "mini-flicker. It helps to pull the clumps apart. I also use it to clean my drum carder. It is a priceless tool!
 Some clumpy white Angora, it is so soft! I think I am going to combine it with some dyed Alpaca to make an incredibly soft yarn as soon as I get it in spinning shape!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Here is a different shade of Angora that I bought a long time ago and have had it stashed. It has shades of gray with white swirled into it. So off to do something different. Hoping for some creative inspiration to do it justice!