Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Sea of Bee Balm!

 My favorite flower of summer is Bee Balm, hands down. It is so beautiful and blooms around the 4th and all throughout July. I planted a garden of it some years ago in our driveway and it has thrived.
When I was out taking these pictures I found a few species of bumblebees, this is a large one busy at work...
 and then I looked over and saw a very rare Hummingbird Moth hovering about drinking some nectar from the flowers! There were also honeybees, butterflies, hummingbirds and smaller bees partaking in the feast as well.
Such a beautiful perennial flower also known as Horse Mint, Monarda, Bergamont and  Oswega Mint . The Native Indians used it for a medicinal plant as well as teas. If you plant it, give it room to take over, it loves to spread out and share it's beauty!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

How everyone is keeping cool in this heat!

 Here in Connecticut the temps have been in the 90's for days with high humidity. I walked around today and observed and helped some of our farm residents to stay cool. The bees "bearded" outside the hive...
 they even hung out under the telescoping cover to stay cool. If the bees are hot than it's hot!
 I caught the bees collecting water to help cool down the hives in this extra chicken water bowl. I have been filling it up diligently as they deplete it, which is just about daily...
 The chickens are panting and trying to stay cool. I caught these two wandering trying to find a place to get cool...
 and then I found these little ladies in the greenhouse making a mess throwing dirt on themselves to stay cool.
 The bees got a special treat today of sugar water and Honey-B-Healthy. I put these out around 1 p.m. and they were sucked down dry in 4 hours!

 The Alpacas enjoyed a spray down and enjoyed every moment of it! They kept coming back for more...
 and more and more! Even "Garth" our Suri who doesn't go for this stuff enjoyed the hose!
 The sheep, well bring on the hay and they completely forget about the heat!
 The fish in the pond are even a bit lethargic with water as warm as bath water. They just lay there floating, however we have witnessed a lot of breeding so the baby fish will be along soon.
 Even Honey Bunny got a bath and a day of beauty to cool down today. She actually enjoyed her bath sitting in the water and letting me clean her. Later she got brushed and trimmed so she can better deal with the heat.
 Autumn caught a nap from a hot day of helping with farm chores and watch duty...
but never fear Zoe was on the job while she slept staying cool. Stay cool everyone and enjoy the summer!