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Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Friday, May 13, 2022

Our 7th generation

 Our two litters from this year. They will soon be heading to their new homes. They mark our 7th generation of Pedigreed English Angora rabbits. We got some great colors this time around, a black and a chinchilla. They are sweet and so friendly too. We are going to miss them, but they are going to some great homes and we are sure they will enjoy them as much as we have.

Friday, May 6, 2022

We are really Open now!

It's official, we are open! Well at least the farmstand. If there is anything you want, you just open the door and come in. You may see a one of our residents on the other side. No need to call for eggs, just open the door... 

... and come right in. The egg fridge is stocked with eggs. The shelves will soon have some things. If there is something you need that is not out there like soap, vanilla, felting supplies or yarn, just let us know by either calling the farm line @ 203-881-1986 or message us on Facebook, even comment here too! We also take Venmo too! The QR code is on the fridge, just scan your camera on it and it will take you to a payment page!

Thursday, April 21, 2022

We are Open!!!

 We are finally open again! We have brought our self-serve egg station back. With the Ct Sheep and Wool festival coming up on April 30th, the trailer is packed, and our inventory is ready to go. Soon after we will begin to get the Farm Stand stocked for your buying needs! For now, there is no need to call us for eggs, you can just go into the small barn on the road and purchase your eggs there!  On top of the fridge is a change jar, to make change and leave your money! We are looking forward to some open houses as well. Who knows, you may have a chance to see one of our residents laying in the straw, or just being noisy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Poor Penny


Our poor "Penny" has been off for a couple of days. I noticed her not eating yesterday and decided to have a look. It was my worse concern, that she had a very large, impacted egg that she could not pass. So, at 6 a.m. this morning, we went up to the coop, retrieved her and in the bathtub she went with warm water and Epsom salts. She soaked and soaked and the it was time to try to get her to pass the egg.
This is her post egg extraction. I did my best not to break it but only as it was coming out. Our hope is she didn't get an infection. Peritonitis at this point could set in and we could lose her. Behind the egg was another one but not as large so fingers crossed that she will be able to lay the next eggs.

 Here is part of the culprit, at this point we can only keep her on antibiotics and hope for the best.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Join us this weekend!

Join us this Saturday and Sunday! Coon Hollow Farm is among the many vendors in attendance for this fun filled weekend. We will be selling our goods too! Come meet one of our Angora Rabbits among the many animals that will be there. Spin ins, knitting and crochet circles and demos too! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Our First Turkey Egg!

One of our Royal Palms laid the first turkey egg of the season! 
It was found in a small milk crate where our chickens lay their eggs. How she got that big body in there to lay it is a mystery!
Now to contemplate, start up the incubator or not, hmmmmm.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung! This morning we woke up to the birth of our 6th generation of Coon Hollow Farm's English Angora Rabbits! This litter is quite exciting because we got not only got 4 for a first-time mom, but we got some colors that we have never been able to breed before. I think we finally got the right combination in genetics! 
This little one is our first ever bred Blue Eyed white! We also got 2 blacks and the jury is still out on the fourth, possibly a blue but in time we will know. It's a very fragile time for these little ones. I've checked on them all day just to find one with its mother's wool that she pulled wrapped around its body. Her nest is nicely made though. We will continue to check on them multiple times a day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Eggs are back!

 Our eggs are back! Just days before the first day of Spring our chickens are laying fast! We are working on opening our farmstand for easy pickup of eggs and other items as well. Call the farm line @ 203-881-1986 for eggs today!

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Changing to Earth friendlier packaging


Shifting from our last post and moving on into a different direction, it was time to look at what we do and how we do it. Switching over to these Earth friendlier packaging bags just made sense from the plastic containers we have used in the past for our felting kits. As we get ready for Spring events (listed on the side bar), we are offering these cute little sheep felting kits with everything you need to make your little sheep, as well as a variety of others. They come in white or grey and have everything you will need including the glass eyes.
Our commitment to sustainability should reflect in all we do. 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

It's a No this year!

After coming off a year that literally brought us to our knees, we have decided to take a year off from honeybees...
no new chicks or chickens or turkeys...

 and Tim has made the decision not to Maple Sugar this year. We just need a break financially, emotionally and physically from the past years. We are heading to the beginning of the end I believe. We will continue our blog as we focus on the things around here that need our attention, restructure to fit the demands of what we have around here, as well as the demands of our customers. I think everyone has been through so much and I know I have over the past few years. It begins to take its toll. 
We will still continue to do ours shows listed on the sidebar as well as offer many of our products. Hopefully this year we will also open the farmstand to accommodate easier pickup of eggs and other products.  We just need a break. 

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Making Bath Bombs on a Snowy Day!

What to do on a snowstorm filled day when you are snow bound? You make bah bombs for that hot bath you are dreaming of! Here is my recipe and some gentle instructions but I thought I'd take you through the process. You can also go on our Coon Hollow Farm's YouTube page to see a visual tutorial on how it's done that I made last year.
I go to BJ's and buy the big bags of supplies. I find myself teaching it from time to time so it's good to have on hand. You can also order them on Amazon.
You will need bath bomb molds which I have in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. A 1 cup and 1/2 cup measuring cups and a teaspoon measure.
I purchased this Bath Bomb kit on Amazon some time back. It has everything you need. It's worth having if you plan to make them periodically. It pays for itself because they can be expensive to buy.
I made two batches and put them in separate bowls. I wanted to make two different scents.
I used Lavender and Rose oil as well as red and lilac colorant to give it some color.
I mix all my liquid ingredients together including the colorant. This will consist of the water, olive oil and colorant. 
Add this very slowly and gradually to your dry ingredients. the citric acid may begin to react a bit but stir quickly to bland everything. It should be slightly lumpy but that is perfect. You don't want it too liquidy, just sticky enough to be able to pack it together.

Now take your molds, if you want a bit of dried flowers such as rose petals, lavender flowers or even chamomile, place it in each top of the mold. I often save my dried roses and chop them up into an almost powdery consistency for crafting. This will give a very nice presentation for gifting. 
Then put some of the mixture on top of the flowers (if adding them). 
Using your thumbs pack it as tight as you can, keep adding and packing. Overflow the mold, heaping at least an inch or more.
At this point squeeze the two molds together, twisting and packing them together. If some falls out it's okay as you fuse the sides together. Push and twist to get a nice join, leaving just a small gap no bigger than an 1/8". Let the mixture sit in the mold for about 5 minutes or even more. This will allow it to set. Then remove one mold at a time. If it falls apart, it only means you didn't pack it enough, start over packing very tightly.
I then remove them all from the molds once I allow them to sit for a while. I place them on a very plush towel. If you place them on a hard surface, they will become oval and lopsided. You still may want to check them periodically and gently reshape them if needed. 
So, there you go! It's really that easy. These would make a lovely Valentine gift or even Mother's Day gifts if you're thinking ahead. 
If you have any questions leave it in the comment section and I will try to answer it with the best of my experience in making Bath Bombs, enjoy!!! 

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Finally, his beard!

Our "Strutter" finally has a beard! Or at least we can finally see it protruding through all those winter feathers he has! This is an indicator that he is a tom. If you look at his chest, the black spot in the center of his chest is his beard!  He is 8 months old now so it's about time that beard comes in!
Tom's grow this as a way to attract hens and it will become erect when he is aroused. A hen will be most attracted to the tom at breeding time if his beard is long, attractive and handsome. 
There it is! That beautiful, bristled beard! The beard consists of long bristly thick hairs that grow from their chest. It's an important tool during breeding season. 
This is a stock photo I borrowed online to show what it will eventually look like when he is over a year. You can often tell the age of a turkey by his beard. The older, the more mature his features will be. 

Friday, January 14, 2022

Egg Streak, done!

 And just like that, the longest streak of chickens laying is none and done! Went into the coops and neither had eggs! I think we should be thankful; we have never had our chickens lay this late in the winter. So, our chickens will use this time to use their energy to keep warm and take a much-needed break until Spring. 

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Losing a Legacy

Our sweet Tawny crossed over the rainbow bridge today. From the moment I got her 8 years ago, with her tawny colored coat, I was in love. Her sweet and tenacious personality I will never forget. She was truly one of a kind. She leaves a long legacy and for that she will be remembered. She wasn’t just a rabbit but my heart, she started it all. RIP my girl, I will miss you running to the door, pulling my hair and loving our snuggles.

My first attempt at clipping her so long ago...


Saturday, January 1, 2022

New Year's Blessings 2022

We need to look at our Blessings in small ways. Last year was a rough year for us and so many. One of loss and struggle, but we are not the only ones. These past 2 years took a toll but there is only the climb back up from here. The last two months of was supported by our many customers and for that we can't thank enough. 
Today we got three eggs and yesterday 8! This is unheard of this time of year. If there is such a thing as signs, this is sure a good one. This coming year will be about change and bringing our A game and pushing back on this pandemic which has brought so many to their knees. So, stay tuned, it can only get better from here!  

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Solstice Blessings come in many different ways!


As we enter into Winter, we must look at our blessings in ways that remind us of what is important. This year was a rough year for so many, so for us, for the first time ever our chickens are still laying at a rate that we can't believe. What has changed? What makes this year different than other years? I have pondered and pondered this to no end. 
Then it occurred that maybe it has to do with the turkeys? no, the chickens could care less. Could it be weather related? no, it's still cold and dark. Could it be the grain? no, they are eating the same food. Or could it be the new breeds we added this year? That is surely a possibility! We added Barnevelders and Noir Marans to our flock and when I look at the eggs being laid sure enough, that's it!

So, it just may be a much-needed blessing! At this point we will take what we can get. The winter is here, lets rest and enjoy the coming of the sun! As for the chickens, if they keep laying, that's not such a bad thing!

Friday, November 26, 2021

Black Friday Weekend Sale: Item if the Week: Vanilla Making Kit

 Black Friday Weekend Sale!!! We will be posting great gift items through the weekend!!! This wonderful vanilla making kit is unique for that baker in your life. Kit includes: 4 oz bottle, tag, vanilla beans, complete instruction card, made for you sticker in a great window gift bag. It makes a great grab bag kit too! Each kit is $12!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Farewell Pru

 Sadly we have sad farewell to our angora goat, Pru. She came to us with another goat some years back that me and my mom drove across state to rescue. Their ear tags were removed but we were aware they were already up in age. The woman knew nothing about them at all. Even in her old age she produced some nice mohair. We will miss her shy personality. Maddie is wondering where her friend went. We were never sure if they were mother and daughter or sisters, but we do know they were close. This has been a recurring thing around here as our animals are all very old, the saddest part of having them is saying goodbye.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Item of the Week: Homemade Vanilla

It's Back! Item of the Week!
For the next few weeks we will have Vanilla available.
We have 3 sizes to choose from, 8 oz, for $18, 4 oz for $10 and 2 oz for $5.
 These have cured for a year and are amazing. 
Just in time for baking or for the baker on your gift list!
This will be pick only here at the farm. 
You can email us @ CoonHollowFarm@aol.com, contact us on our Facebook or Instagram pages 
or call the farm line @ 203-881-1986.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Fiber Festival of New England 2021

It was so amazing to be back! To be among the vendors, those that visited our booth and the parade of fashion. Happy folks just enjoying their time.  We had the most successful festival we have ever had! 
The kids who were in attendance had the task to help us name our not so little boy. We had suggestions like, Fluffy, Cricket, Vladimir, Toby, and Tim's favorite, Cloudy! 
Some beautiful Teeswater sheep that were across from us that Naomi was swearing was giving her the stink eye!
Our alpaca neighbors and I especially loved the rose grey in the foreground. That is my number one favorite color in alpacas!

Yarns, yarns and more yarns!
Fluffy Alpaca ornaments! 
This was the most amazing thing we saw this weekend! A work of  art! Each piece was hand knitted and layered to perfection!
This display of rainbow yarns was so inspiring!
But the most amazing tool we had was our sweet little trailer! We were able to pack ahead of time and not have to rush to unpack when we got home. Tim was a wreck hauling it for his first time and he did amazing! This weekend could not have been possible without Tim, Naomi and Aaron! Naomi my booth partner and my ride or die! Tim who set up, drove me up, helped break down and drove me back! And to Aaron who also helped set up! I will hold this weekend close for a long time!