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Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, December 31, 2023

A Year in review with twist, loss and turns!

 As per this year, I am sitting here trying to load pictures and as 2023 comes to a close, that will give me a hard time too! So let me tell you why we haven't been present on the blog this year. We came into 2023 with the first half going so good, new products for the farm, we found raising heritage turkey poults was not only going to be fun but profitable too!

We were looking forward to 7 music festivals we had lined up and we were going to have the greatest summer ever, until July 6 hit. We lost one of the most cherished human beings the earth ever held. Our beloved Joe, a young man we knew since birth. A tragic accident took him at just 37 years old. he lived his life so full with travel and adventure.

A few weeks later after Tim was having symptoms of dizzy spells and being winded, he was rushed to the hospital only to find out he had a major series of heart issues. Through weeks of tests and procedures, it led to major open-heart surgery on August 31st! A long rehab time of healing and at 4 months and a day, he returned to work for one day only to fall and break his hand! 

We did manage to get to some shows and enjoy the kids when we could. 

So, the year has left me with major foot surgery and Tim hopefully returning to work after the first of the year. 2023 set forth challenges that we took head on but all in all the farm had the most profitable season so far. We look to 2024 with hope and health for a better year. 

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