Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Greenhouse is born!

I am so excited to share my new Greenhouse, built by my future son-in-law Angel, with the help of his brother Jesse, Mace and Tim. I have dreamed about this for so long and it has finally come true! Thanks guys! In the picture to the left is the beginning, the footings are in and the frame has begun. 
In the picture to the right, Mace standing on the ladder and Angel below. Recycled items that we got from here and there make up a lot of the structure. The paned glass was found also at the dump still in the packages. They are stabilizing the panes for the roof.

 A side view of just how many windows are in this greenhouse. The back part that is not up yet in this picture has a vented sky light that we also found at the dump, it will allow us to open it in the warmer weather to allow for ventilation. It's just so amazing what people throw out!

 A view of the finished product! The greenhouse was built connecting it to the chicken coop which in the winter will radiate the solar rays from the sun and keep the chickens warm. There is a door (which we also found at the dump) inside that opens to the chicken coop for easy collection of the eggs. If you look really closely the chickens are inside, it was a rainy day and they were staying warm and dry inside.
Now all Tim has to do is put the shelves in that will wrap around the inside. I just can't wait until Spring to start my seeds! This is such a dream come true to have my very own greenhouse!