Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Preparing for the Storm of 2010!

   One of the biggest things when we know a big winter storm is coming is to make sure our animals are prepared and safe. We woke this morning to listen to the news and realized that the storm they were predicting is bigger than they thought. The track could have gone either way and it just happens to be the worse case senario. In the picture above a few of our Alpacas and "Freddie" the sheep (who thinks he's an Alpaca) peek out of their barn...
In this picture to the right, it is "Autumn's" first snow and she was having a blast playing in it today. I caught her just as she looked at me with a "snow mustache", she is just too cute for words. She was like a big kid for Christmas, each toy was the best one ever!
Here in the picture to the left, our Olde English "Baby doll" Southdown sheep, already snow covered. They did eventually go into their barn and get out of the storm, I was worried because the two on the right , "Rose" on top right and "Belle" in the bottom of the pic are hopefully bred so I don't want them to have any stress at all. Check out the picture though, see the snowfakes?
And last are the chickens snug as a bug in their coop with a nice heat lamp to keep them warm and cozy. Today they layed more eggs than they have been! I guess they were bored from the storm. So hopefully they will ride out the storm and we will dig them out tomorrow under 2 feet of snow!