Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

 To say the least we had a major snow day today! With most of Connecticut getting about 2 feet of snow due to 2 storms that converged and greated a Nor'Easter. Just about everything was closed today and many people were asked to stay home. My job opened with only a few people working so I was able to stay home! Here is "Angus" striking his usual pose when the camera comes out.
"Autumn" took the occasion to steal some bread  from the chickens as I was feeding
them this morning. That street dog comes out in her often.
I hope one day she realizes she will always have food and won't have
swipe food from the other animals. She was formally a street dog so she has major survival
skills. Her belly will always be full as long as she lives on Coon Hollow Farm!
Just to give you a measure of just how much snow we got. If you look to the sides you can see how high the snow is! It was quite an impressive storm. There was no getting to the animals today without major diggin out. Usually we can just walk through it, no way today!
Here my poor "Babydoll" sheep who have short legs to begin with had quite a problem getting around today. We had to dig them eating paths and a path to their water. This is a picture of "Belle" with the snow up to her neck! This was quite a storm and when this stuff decides to melt we are going to have a muddy mess!


  1. Oh Dawn, that is unreal. I can’t imagine that much snow here. The poor babydolls. I bet you all had a lot of digging to do for sure.

  2. I showed Aaron your pics...he quite his bellyachin' about how much snow he had to shovel!! Hope everybody is staying warm now!!