Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Monday, June 11, 2012

When Nature and Farm life collide...

    On Saturday evening, one of our chickens was attacked by a raccoon. I was at work, Tim was watching the game, it was getting dark out and he let his guard down. He's knows better than this and felt really bad. We know that we have a mom raccoon up in back with a litter and she is a hungry girl.
   She went into our coop, grabbed this girl and gave her a few good injuries. We are giving her anti-biotics, cleaning the wounds and giving her a lot of TLC. She also has a ruptured air sac but that will re-absorb. I think she will be fine, just a tincture of time to heal. All her wounds are surface wounds and some loss of feathers.
    When the commotion started our two hero's, "Jesse" our shepherd mix and "Autumn" our terrier mix were both up to the coop in 3.5 seconds. Dogs are wonderful tools for thwarting such attacks and keeping wildlife at bay. These two are always on high alert and do their jobs well.
   So, Ms Raccoon has got to be watched very carefully and "Jesse" and "Autumn" are watching and working!
   We can live with wildlife, but always have to be on our toes, they have a right to this earth as we do...

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