Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Rabbit Grooming adventure!

 So last week we had record setting temperatures and I was looking at "Honey Bunny" and realizing she was not doing well with the heat. Her coat was so dense and thick. I asked her breeder if I could clip her and got the okay. I had also looked up on-line and it was suggested to give her a bath...
 so I did! At first she acted out in full terror, but with some comforting strokes and words, the warm water and the feeling of relief from the heat she calmed down and seemed to enjoy it.
There she is! Finally getting a chance to see her beautiful eyes was a treat. Once she was dried I cool blew her coat out...
 and proceeded to clip her in full terror that I would make a mistake and cut her. I watched countless videos on "how-to" on-line. I am pleased to say all went well, she can see and is now short and comfortable for the summer!
 Honestly she looks better but this was while in the process of clipping. She is such a busy girl, moving here and there, checking out this and that.
I did net some nice fiber from her and look forward to spinning it soon!