Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bringing in the honey harvest!

 What a great harvest our bees blessed us with this year! We harvested over 350+ pounds. This frame was a drone frame that they had even drawn out.
 All the extracting equipment came out, the de-capping scraper, the seive strainers, the bottling bucket as well as the heated de-capper knife. Thiss help to open up the cells that have been capped by the bees and will allow the honey to be released.
 This is our extractor. She holds two frames of honey. It is a crank style but once you get it going, the honey flies off and hits the wall in strings of golden honey...
 at the base is the spout that allows the honey to drop down into a double drainer basket that catches any beeswax or pollen. It then drops into the bottling bucket.
 The jars are sterilized and ready for canning like little soldiers.
 With a funnel we fill the jars to exactly a half a pound or one pound honey. There are no plastic bear containers here!I have read numerous times it is very bad to store honey in plastic...
and voilà, the finished product brought to you by a miracle little insect, the honeybee! The golden sweet nectar of the gods, what an amazing miracle of nature!

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  1. Love that, honey harvest is so interesting, thanks for sharing, Francine.