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Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Super Healer-Jewelweed Salve

This is Jewelweed, that weed that pops up all over the yard this time of year. Nature has provided this plant as one of the most amazing healing plant. It is amazing for poison ivy, bee stings and other types of ailments. I have been staring and staring at it all summer. The honeybees have been all over it, so as the nectar source and the flowers are dropping off I decided it was time to make a salve.

I gathered a generous amount throughout our property. I figured it should be collected in different areas to assure a strong tincture.

It was boiled and allowed to sit overnight to allow the healing properties to be extracted from the plants. Then strained to a dark green extract.

Our own beesax from our bees was added to the extract

Here is a great picture of our beeswax from our "girls". It is just amazing!

Jewelweed extract is a bit strong so I choose to add some essential oils of Orange, Lavender and Tea Tree as ell as Vitamin E to act as a preservative. I looked up a couple of recipes for this salve but choose to combine a few to make the way it should be.

After being poured into tins and allowed to cool, it is ready to begin healing!!!


  1. Wow....how cool to make your own medicinal salve with your own beeswax!!!

  2. I would love a Tin of this salve if you have any left! I also have loads of Jewelweed here if you want /need more next year