Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, November 2, 2014

New England Fiber Festival adventure

This weekend I went on a wonderful adventure with some friends to the New England Fiber Festival. Our booth was ready to go.

I saw amazing creations that people where parading about.

The best part was the detail to the historical part of the fiber world! This is an antique flax break that was used to pound the flax into softness.

Quite a few folks were in period clothing and demonstrating colonial arts in fiber weaving and rendering.

A woman spinning on a period wheel...

This was "Ollie", a Border Collie enjoying the Fiber Festival. He sat at someone's booth and didn't want to leave.

A flax wheel that I had the pleasure of spinning on! I was in my glory and learned that it is all in the "spiddle" or commonly known as the spit!

A view of the shoppers and booths

This wonderful man, who I didn't get his name, spent a lot of time with me talking about flax and gave me the opportunity to spin flax! He had a very antique flax wheel and was a wealth of information.
This lady is Iris and she also spent so much time with me and taught me the Great Wheel or Walking Wheel! I was in my glory. So many get different things out of these festival, me I get history where ever I go! I had a n amazing time, saw so many friends, made new ones and spent time with old ones too!

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