Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Making homemade suet for the wild birds!

We are under a huge freeze here in Connecticut and today I was looking out the back door, watching the wild birds at the feeders. I then realized that I didn't have any suet. They so need their fats this time of year to keep warm. I then remembered I had a container of vegetable shortening used and poured back into the container from the holidays. That was when I got the idea!

I grabbed my big cookie sheet, spread some of the shortening along the pan.

Opened the cabinet and thought about all the leftover baking supplies from the holidays.

I found a small bag of coconut flakes, not nearly enough to use in any recipe. I found some cranberries, raisins, corn meal, graham cracker crumbs...

I added some birdseed of course. Then some flour, a little sugar and whatever else I could find.

I mixed and spread it all out on the cookie sheet and baked it at 350 degrees for about a half and hour!

I then cut into squares and tomorrow morning I will put it into my suet holders for all the birds to enjoy!

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