Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Friday, May 13, 2016

We call her "The Beast"

When you open a hive, this is what you are hoping to see! Lots of bees! In this picture they are up in the feeder, lots of them!

We already have a queen excluder on because she is everywhere!

Frames like this one make up the hive. Capped brood, larvae stages and lots of eggs everywhere you look. This frame has brood in the center with honey stores capped and ready to go to feed. Many of the frames looked like this one, with end frames consisting of all honey stores. A very healthy hive doing what bees should do!

As I was inspecting the hive I found her, "The Beast"!!! I placed her in a queen marker for her safety as I was going through the hive. Never can be too careful with her majesty! While I had her out I brushed up her mark of white. This mark indicates she is a 2016 queen and makes it all that much easier to find her amongst thousands of bees.

This was a very sweet shot, after I released her they appear to be comforting her, cleaning her and feeding her before she gets back to work!

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