Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Apiary gets gifts!

It just amazes me, the beekeeping world. If you want to meet wonderful people, then become a beekeeper! Always the most wonderful and generous folks who are willing to not only offer to help but to be kind enough to give in a time of need. Just a couple weeks ago I put out an appeal on Facebook that I was looking for a small swarm for the Nature Center I work at because our observation  hive had died. Within minutes I got a response from a man named Garrett and a small swarm was given  to get us up and going again. Over the weekend a beekeeper put up that he had Queens available. I quickly answered and picked up 2 healthy beautiful Queens! One was put into a split and the other was used to requeen a very lazy hive! These came from a man named Nicholas and his wonderful family. One of his children was busy saving and feeding drones while I was there! 

Then this morning I was off to pick up this amazing and quite large swarm! A man named Michael had it in his back yard, a former beekeeper and he quite graciously gifted it to me.

I loaded them into my swarm tote that I love to carry bees in. It's lightweight and easy to walk with.

I wasn't exactly ready for another hive but who could pass up such an amazing opportunity?! I lifted the branch gently out of the box and set it into the hive. There was also two frames that they had migrated on to. They marched off the branch quickly telling me the queen was in there.

Once I got them in there, I placed a feeder on top, filled it with some sugar water and closed them in. I left the branch in front of the hive for any stragglers who may land back on the branch and can also march into the hive. So the apiary is full once again on this wonderful Memorial Day. I take a moment to pause and thank those that fought so I might have the freedom to live how I choose.

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