Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Thursday, October 25, 2018

And just like that, they are gone...

And just like that, they are gone! I was noticing yellow jackets coming out of one of my hives a couple of days ago and I knew what that meant, something has happened. I blocked the entrance until I could get in and take a look. I got out of work today and rushed right home, suited up and went up to take a look. As I suspected there was an issue, the girls in Hive 3 had absconded. There was not a honeybee to be seen, not even a dead one! They must have been under such stress from yellow jackets to just leave like that.

All the way down to the slatted bottom board, not even a dead honeybee!

I then noticed that Hive 2 had the same thing going on there. I opened it, not a bee to be seen. This was very discouraging. 

Lots of wax was harvested as well as...

lots and lots of capped honey too! Hive 1 is thriving and doing quite well. It looks like we head into the winter with just one living hive. So the big question lately is, do we have honey and the answer is: YES!!! We will have various sizes available for purchase is a few days.

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