Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Monday, December 31, 2018

Reflecting on 2018...

We started 2018 with the coldest winter I could ever remember! As I reflect on 2018, it was a year that was a bit more gentler and kinder than previous years lately, so when I look at it, yes it was a good year!

Tim had his much needed right hip replaced and he feels better than ever! I have to often remind him to get off the roof, get down from the ladder or whatever crazy thing he is doing around here!

This picture symbolizes someone special who came into my life, a long mystery solved and a truth revealed. Someday I hope to tell you about this person and what he means to me but until then, know it is my greatest blessing of this year!
After 10 years we had the best beekeeping year ever! Maybe because it was the perfect Spring, Summer and Fall that helped the bees. Whatever it was we are blessed at the success of our hives!

We said goodbye to our sweet Zoe. At over 15 years old (she was a rescue so we never knew how old she was), she gave up her throne as the Princess that we always worshipped her as.

Our business was amazing! Setting records during some of our shows and thanking all who supported us!

But the biggest blessings of all are these two! The next generation of our family and our greatest treasure.
So as we close out 2018, thank you all who support us, our cherished customers, our family and friends who we take time out to enjoy and know how blessed we are to have them!

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