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Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Monday, May 30, 2022

Exploring Rain Barrels

Happy Memorial Day, as we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice
. This year we have added rain barrels to the garden. During an earth Day celebration event, there was a State sponsored program through the water company. They were selling these rain barrels and compost bins. I couldn't resist! The designs have everything a rain barrels should have. We bought 2 and just installed them. During the drought months, these should really come in handy! 
The top design is made to catch every drop that hits the top of the container. With grooved areas and a tipped in flow down, the water goes in through the screen very efficiently. 
The bottom spout is in a perfect position to drain out. We put these up on a hill above the gardens to get maximum flow rate. 

 There is an overflow hose, which I don't find necessary, but they have thought of everything in the design of these rain barrels. If you are interested in rain barrels, check out a program in your state. If you're in Connecticut visit https://nvcogct.gov/ for more information.


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