Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We have lambs!

Belle's lambs arrived first thing this morning, I turned on the lamb cam and heard the first baby cry and ran down there as fast as I could.  All is well and we have two very healthy black rams. One is really big and one is average size...
 and per Belle's usual she has cast off another beautiful rose colored baby...
looking for a nipple, but Belle is nugging him to tell him he needs to find it down more!
 Here are the two boys, the black one is smaller and the rose fleeced one is larger. It just amazes me how they are up and ready to go so fast, walking around and already demanding.
the first attempt at nursing is an awkward one, but this little guy got it and went to town. The ewe will have a wax plug so it is important to clear it with gentle massage and thrust until you get it squirting...
 Tim is helping this little guy find it, but once he latched on all was well and he had a nice drink to start off with...
and here is one in the fleece baby jackets I made for them. It is a cold this morning and will only get up in the 40's today so they should keep nice and warm. They are also under an infa-red lamb that is helping to provide some ample heat. These are hearty little lambs and this is why I love the "Babydoll" breed so much!

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