Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Lambs first outing...

How does Coon Hollow Farm spell cute? Olde English "Babydoll" Southdown lambs of course! Here they are at 2 days old and having their first day out with "Belle", their mom.
 They are so curious with every new discovery. "Belle" looks on as they are examining a food bowl and of course it is for the first time so they find it very interesting...
and what do you suppose it could be? These two already do everything together, they nurse at the same time and are always looking for each other...
and here they are outside for the first time as "Belle" has a snack. It's a big world out here! Sorry the picture isn't better but have you ever tried to photograph moving baby lambs?! Not an easy task.