Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free fencing, you can't beat that!

Once again, you seek and you shall find. We have
been having quite the time with our chickens getting into our gardens. They managed to root up our garlic, onions, strawberries as well as the rhubarb. Our friend Kenny was over last week and we mentioned that we had to get fencing to fence the garden. He stated that he had some laying around he was getting rid of and brought it by. The next thing we needed was some stakes, our friend Pat was no longer in need of a bunch he had so he gave us about 20 of them, instant fence!
There is no telling what people have laying around
and this helped us out quite a bit!
So Tim and I set out to put the fencing up today and did so with very little problems. We put up about 60 feet all the way around. If you look close at the first picture top left, there is a chicken on the other side of the fence saving our vegetable garden. In picture bottom left, we moved the cold frame, and put the strawberries in there. Tim still has to build a gate as well as another raised bed but for now I can just pull this little bit of
fencing closed to keep the chickens out. So there you go sustainability with a little help from our friends, Thanks guys!

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