Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shearing Day, finally!

On this cloudy dreary day we finally had our farm animals sheared! Tim and I set the easy up up last night, locked the sheep up and hoped they'd be dry in the morning.
 The alpacas instantly knew we were up to something when we caught them all and put their harnesses on. There is nothing like a stressed and suspicious alpaca, they hum and pace as they plot an exit.
Finally our shearers, Jeremiah (standing) and Rick arrived and after a brief set up went right to work. We started with "Royal" because he is just plain evil, if we did not do him first and put him away he will attack to protect his flock.
 They tether each animal and stretch them out. This is safe for the animal as well as the shearers. It keeps the animal still and stops thrashing and injury. It's the only way to do it in my opinion. They are done in just a few short minutes this way.

 another shot of Jeremiah shearing "Awan". In the foreground are the bags of fiber. Because it was a somewhat rainy day the fleeces are all over the house drying right now.
 and here is a shot of the gang naked! Check out those skinny necks, you have to see them in person it is really funny. They will be so cool come the hot weather...
Here's "Royal" the evil one, naked as a jay bird! He has no idea that we only have his best interest in mind. Tim and I have to sleep with one eye open, he is probably plotting our deaths!
 One thing I find most funny on shearing day is after the ewes are shorn the lambs don't recognize their moms for a short time. They run around and scream out because they don't know these strangers that are in with them! Where's my mom they scream (if they could)...

and here are "Rose" and "Belle" looking clean and cool. No more panting for them. So until next year shearing is behind us, no what to do with all this fiber and fleece!

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