Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Candy Boards for the bees!

Boiling 16 ounces of water
Today I installed the Candy Board  onto our over wintering hive.
First I boiled 16 ounces of water to 242 degrees (f), added 5 lbs of sugar, stirred, then turned off the heat until it dropped to 180 degrees (f).

5 lbs of sugar
  Store brand white cane sugar is just fine...
Boiling sugar and water with electric thermometer
From there you must take a beater and beat a few times until it becomes frothy...

Bee Candy on the Candy Board
 Once it is thick, you pour it very carefully on the Candy Board. I added a little Honey-B-Healthy into the mix. I usually add Pollen Patties but the mice had their way with them in the greenhouse so I can add them in later.
Tim built this Candy Board for me which was invented by David Lane from Long Lane bees. His link is located on the left of my blog.

Inverted upside down on the hive
Once cooled you can take it up to your hive, take the top off and quickly flip it down side onto the top of the hive as not to chill the bees. I then placed the cover over it. General rule of thumb is to get it on by the Winter Solstice but we have had such a mild fall that I got time to do it today. I will check it in a few weeks and see if the bees are working at it and once they consume it replace with some more "Candy". This helps them once they have depleated their honey reserves.

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