Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Catching a Honeybee Swarm!

On Friday one of my hives decided to swarm. I acted quickly and set up a quick honeybee swarm trap. I first started off by putting a frame with some "swarm wipes", a special scented wipe that attracts them.
I found the swarm forming on the front lawn and took two potting containers together and placed the frame and lurer inside. The swarm quickly started to swarm around it but by the morning it was gone.

A close up of the bees starting to form on the frame which had me very encoraged but to no avail until...

I woke up this morning, opened the front door and noticed the swarm had returned to the garden bench,

and if you look very close, in the center where the bees are in a circle, there she is, The Queen! I was so excited!

(sorry for the quality of this frame, my camera went a bit nuts!), I ran up and got the frame that I was trying to attract the swarm with. I placed the queen into a queen cage, marked her and took the bees up to my nuc hive who have not been able to raise a queen, for whatever reason, whether she died while out mating, I am not really sure. I laid newspaper on top of them, added another hive body, placed some frames and the bees in, closed them up and hopefully once they eat thru the layer of newspaper, they will accept her as their new queen! Fingers crossed this works!

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  1. wow! so cool for us that dont raise bees to see all thats involved! how fun and lots to learn! enjoy your day and have fun!