Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mo knows!

I am just amazed how instinctive animals are, and "Mo" is doing just that this time of year...
 he's doing a lot of lip piercing and showing in anticipation of his date with "the girls"...
He is camped out by the fence where the ewes hang out and throwing them kisses! I love this boy so much, he is gentle, kind and sweet. I have only ever met one other ram like this, my friend Liz's beloved "Harley" who passed last winter but not before he fathered  "Rose" and "Lily". Mo's off spring this year possessed the same sweetness and calmness as well. His daughter "Daisy" is sweet and somewhat silly too! So I guess you can say "mo" is our barometer for days to come...

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  1. Hello, oh I love Mo's's face, he looks like a lover boy. The gals will fall for him I' m sure, give him a big hug from me, Blessings Francine.