Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Crockpot Dying!

I am so exited to share crockpot dying with everyone! All you need is an old crockpot (you can buy them at yard sales, or in my case I got a new one last year and have been using this old one) some fleece or fiber, some vinegar and dye.
 Soak your fiber in hot water and a teaspoon of vinegar for about an hour, oopps I got a little dye on it before hand in this picture!
Start your crockpot up ahead of time while you are waiting for your fiber to soak, add vinegar and your dye and let it get hot on the highest setting, add your fiber and give at least a couple of hours to "cook".
 I am also going to show you how to over dye a darker fiber. I have some locks here in dark gray soaking in vinegar for an hour...
and here is the finished product! On the left the darker locks take on a more burgundy color while the wool on the right took on the Cherry Red dye I was going for with white wool.
I am terribly behind on my post and will post again some techniques I figured out. I was trying to make a long locks scarf and wanted to only half dye the locks and my journey to figure it out was a funny one and turned out to be an easy solution!


  1. Evening, WOW....how would have thought, great idea, love the colors. I dye pieces of wool blankets for cutting into strips for rug hooking, wonder if that would work for that.....hummmm, thanks, Francine.

  2. just checking in with you.. im sorry about losing your 2 fur babes... i try not to think about it as all my babes are almost 16 except one whos 11. its so hard tho.
    love your little santas! if i get a chance i will check out your etsy. today i need to finish decorating so i can stitch and bake... not alot tho just a bit! enjoy your day!!