Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow Days Yarns!!!

 While some complain about the snow, I look forward to using the time to spin yarns. If you got snow, then make yarns! I had a lot of batts so I dove in and made some lovely yarns!
 The batt above made this yarn. I am calling it "Red, Green and Blue"...
 This yarn is called "Dawn", it reminds me of the morning sky...
 This yarn is "Earth Day". The colors of water and earth!
 ...and this yarn is "The forest in early snow". The greens in this yarn are so pretty speckled with white flecks.
 This one is "Sherbert"! Reminds me of all the colors of sherbert ice cream!
 This yarn is "The Gray". It is made with black faced scottish sheep wool and an alpaca over lay.
 This one is "Northern Lights". Sadly the camera doesn't do it justice. Lots of dark blues and glitz flecks too!
and finally I have no name for this one but just love the pastel colors. Reminds me of the coming Spring where I will become busy and not have the time I have had this winter to devote to some much needed spinning, crafting, cleaning and destashing unneeded things. I am such a fan of Snow Days!!!

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