Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Working with linen

As some may know, I love the colonial era. Some say I should have been born in that time. I prefer the simple life over everything, however modern conveniences like electricity are nice!
Linen was a very common fiber used in the colonial era but the process to harvest it was a daunting one. Linen which is derived from the flax plant would have to be harvested, soaked to break down the stalks and then processed to a fine fiber strand and spun. I met a man a few years back that taught me to spin it and he informed me that it is all in the "spiddle". The fibers don't have hooks like wool and other fibers so you add a little spit to get it to adhere.
The picture above is of a couple of pieces I just made for my colonial garb when I do fairs and attend events.

So with some fine linen that I purchased, no I did not harvest and spin, I made a modesty cloth and a new apron. On to making some other parts of the garb. They wore so many layers then from a shift, stays, petticoats, pocket and short coat. Lots of layers for a fine lady!

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