Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Going Live!!!

A long overdue project has been getting our bear fence installed! Clearing the area has been quite the chore. We had trees, shrubs and leaves to clear.

We ran the fence and realized it was a lot more than we needed but we made do. This gives us a bigger bee yard and a larger range in the event the bear returns. He will have a lot of problem solving that he is not ready for and hopefully will get enough of a jolt to go away. 12 volts can knock you on your behind.

The trick was making the fence more taunt so Tim added some poles with plastic poles around that. This was at the advice of another beekeeper friend who's yard I visited and this was his trick. 

We mounted the energizer which was at the advice of some other beekeepers who's yard I also visited. A lot of research went into installing this fence.

After a phone call to my beekeeper friend on how to get this thing going, we got it hooked up and of course Tim was right! He wanted to hook it up inside and I wanted it outside and I am quickly realizing he was right! After a few stings he got from the bees, I am going to have to eat some humble pie and move this thing! Those are live wires that go to the ground and the fence. It's all trial and error when we take on such a task. We are not electricians! However I have more piece of mind about my hives now.

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