Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The good with the bad

This morning was a quick inspection to see where the hives are at. There was some good news and not so good news! Hive 1 has probably one of the best hives I have ever seen. If you loo, at this frame, you can observe every stage of the baby bee from an egg to larvae to capped brood.
Hive 2 does not have a queen. They had two queen cells 2 weeks ago but nothing today.

The frame above was added to hive 2 in an attempt to get them jump started.
Hive 3 was gone. That was the hive that pushed the queen out for her breeding ground flight a couple of weeks go. I believe the Queens are not making it back. We have so many birds nesting that I think they are feeding and picking off the Queens. I closed this hive down and will hope for a swarm call again.
And then hive 4, my swarm I collected back on Memorial Day, they are just amazing! The queen is doing an amazing job, the hive is flourishing and I am pleased!
So we continue our journey and see where it takes us with the bees!

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