Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, September 3, 2017

That Dye Pot time of year

The weather here in Connecticut has been cool and beautiful. Perfect dyeing weather for boiling dye pots. With the 9 pounds of Lincoln wool I cleaned it was time to begin dyeing and getting ready for the fall shows.

I have pretty much switched over to Pro Chem dyes. Their colors are warm and dye perfect. The color holds so nice and their selections of colors are limitless. 

I was going good for the colors of the sea and I was quite pleased. Once the fleeces are dried I will post the finished results.

Most of the batches I dyed fractioning the dyes which gives not only different colors but as its absorbed different shades as well

While still drying, this fleece has different variants of purples and lavenders.

While boiling it tends to look like a hot mess, but the end results are amazing.

This fleece while still drying reminded me of a Victorian woman's dress. Using black and burgundy shades, I look at it and am taken back to a simpler time.

Once again, fractioning the dyes, results with 6 different dyes

So fleeces are still drying, the variant of color came out quite nice. Once dry I will post the results of the fleeces. 

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