Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Chicken down!!!!

We have been under very cold conditions here in Connecticut with record breaking temperatures which is putting a lot of stress on our animals. Yesterday I went up to feed our chickens in the morning and found this old girl in great distress. With eyes closed and hiding in the coop, she was in big trouble.

I brought her down to the house, did an examination and quickly found out what was the matter. Her crop was huge and hard. She has been eating but my guess was she wasn't getting much water.  I quickly gave her water and began to massage, breaking up the solid clump that was her crop. I began giving her mineral oil along with water every half hour and off to work she came with me for the day. At this point she could barely stand and was quite weak.

This is her about 4 hours later!!! Standing, more energy and feeling much better. 

With negative temperatures she could not go back to the coop so she has spent the last two nights in our bathtub!!!

The sign is in the poop...on the right was her earlier droppings and on the left a much more formed and normal stool telling me she is on the mend!!!