Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Closing out 2017 with gratefulness

2017 leaves us with much to be grateful for. It didn't start out so well with the loss of our sweet Missy Marie. She was with our family for almost 15 years and we were blessed to have her.

Tim continues his love affair with Autumn. Never have we had a dog that is "his". Her devotion to him always met with a hug when he comes home at night.

In April a beautiful little boy named Noah joined our family...

He has brought such joy to our family.

We only added one New little one to our managerie named PJ. The New human babies have taken over that spot.

After a rough year before losing all our hives to a bear, we have rebounded and begun to rebuild our apiary.

Our daughters family added 2 New puppies named Onyx&Odie!!! 

Our friend Kenny has recovered well from his transplant surgery and we continue to cherish our friendship with him and Jane.

We took time out for friends and fun on the beach.

Noah and Scarlett grow and we try not to miss a moment.

Much wanted projects like this one were completed.

Time was spent with cherished friends...

As I continue to make greater goals towards where and what I want to do in life...

Watching these two grow up as cousins and friends is priceless.

So as we leap into 2018, we do so with a grateful heart...

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