Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, May 27, 2018

A new bee suit and an Apiary success!

Yesterday it finally came, my new bee suit! It is triple ventilated and the zipped on veil is big enough to hold all my hair!!!

I was so pleased with all 3 hives! Each package was in good shape. Most frames were either like this, full of brood, eggs or larvae in hive 3!

Currently I have one hive body and a medium hive body on top of that. This hive (hive 2) is already drawing out the frames in the mediums because they have filled the 10 frames of the hive body. If you look close you can see larvae and eggs on this frame, even some capped brood too!

Hive 1 was not to be upstaged by the others with filled brood on their frames. The best thing was starting these bees out with already drawn out frames that gave them an accelerated boost. So excited with todays inspections and I didn't break a sweat in the new suit either!

Although I didn't see any of the queens today, I moved quickly because it was over cast and cool as well as not wanting to upset their natural balance. So a month later the results are good and fingers crossed that it continues.

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