Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Saturday, May 5, 2018

The queens are all right!

What do you do when this queen of the hive breaks her zipper in her 10 year old bee suit? Why you have your husband pin and duct tape you in! Look how I even manage to pack all my hair in there! It was inspection day, even as I am feeling under the weather with my yearly Spring Upper Respiratory infection, it had to be done. Tim helped me the best that he could but I had to get in there!

All three hives were doing great! If you look really hard into each cell you will see little rice like things, those are eggs!!! Because the hives were started out with already drawn out comb, they are quickly moving ahead. I found many frames filled with eggs already.

All 3 queens in our newly hived packages are doing great. Hive 3 had not released their queen, instead they encased her cage with propolis. I will need to watch this one because the girls are not bright! Each queen was marked with white this year even though it should be yellow but I refuse to mark yellow this year, who can see it with all the pollen?!  All the queens are big and fat like this girl above. I am quite pleased as we move into the season. 

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