Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Into the Dearth we go...

In the middle of the summer, Nature experiences something called "The Dearth". This is when the early summer flowers have bloomed and are spent or gone to seed while the later flowers have not quite bloomed. This can be hard on bees and pollinators alike because food is scarce. They can go through their reserves and be dangerously low on food.

I found this last of the phlox still blooming...

while early signs of  Joe Pye weed blooming is promising.

Some Queen's Ann Lace here and there...

but the most important of all is the Goldenrod! I was in a meadow today and found just a few but there was tons days away from blooming.

So what do we do during the Dearth? We feed! I made up 3 gallons of sugar water and some essential oils and added them to the feeders...

and needless to say, they were eager for me to fill them! They were waiting for me when I opened the lid! Here in Connecticut we have had an unusually rainy summer so I think this Dearth will be short lived.

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