Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rose's lambs arrive!

 Rose's lambs finally arrived today safe and sound, after the threat of prolapse and worrying about her, all is well! We arrived home this afternoon after attending an awards ceremony in which I got an award, big surprise, my mom ended up in the hospital. So the day was a bit crazy. When we got home Rose had a showing, it was time!
 So we locked her into the stall and watched up at the house via the "lamb cam". She paced, she dug and then she laid down and pushed and pushed and out popped the first little black ewe.
So I rushed down there to clean her up and clear her mouth and as I was doing that I heard a "plop" and looked over and the second lamb was born laying there in her sack because "Rose" was too busy cleaning the first one. I grabbed the second one, cleared her mouth and took a look, another ewe!
"Rose" is so attentive, in the picture to the right she is cleaning the second one, the first one is behind her, you can make out just a small spot behind "Rose". They are both healthy, strong and arrived safe. "Rose" is also fine, no prolapse, over all not a bad day. As for my mom, she will be o.k. in a few days, thank goodness...

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  1. Congrats Rose and family! I'm glad to hear things will be well with your mom also! Can't wait for my lamb visit...lol