Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dyeing for Color...

After a wonderful summer and taking a bit of a break it's time to get back to business, so over the past two weeks I broke out the dye pot. With my trusty dye pot and armed with many different colors of dyes I went to town...
 I dyed wool as well as alpaca fiber and got some
interesting results...
On the left is a color I did called "Salmon". It was interesting how the Alpaca fiber on the left took the color the way it should but on the right the wool took on a color of it's own.

Under the watchful eye of my terrier mix, "Autumn",
(who never leaves my side for too long) I
dyed several colors using both alpaca and wool.
I will be attending a "Creative Artisan's Campout" Labor Day weekend and will be 
teaching Needle Felting so I want to have many colors to choose from. I am so looking forward to this trip, re-connecting with old spiritual friends and looking forward to making new ones. Also looking forward to learning some new crafts, enjoy a ladies tea party, drum circles and bon fires. It is going to be the ultimate way to end this awesome summer I have had!

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