Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Going Native or Bust!

"Mountain Mint"
"Witch Hazel"


 Last week my friend Donna and I ventured out to visit a nursery that sells only Connecticut native plants. I never imagined how many plants are actually native to Connecticut,  and the selection was endless. The name of the nursery was called "Earth Tones" and it is owned by Kyle and Lisa Turoczi. I first met them at Ansonia Nature Center where they have done many things there. It is my goal to replace most of the non-native and invasive plants on my property with ones that are of use in our quest for sustainability. The top picture on the left is "Witch Hazel" which is distilled and used as an astrigent. The picture top right is "Mountain Mint". I am researching this plant but know that the Native Americans used it for many things and it's smell when the leaves are rubbed and is like no other mint I have ever smelled. It is just a beautiful plant. The bottom plant is a native Monarda or also known as "Bee Balm" or "Double Mint". This plant also played a big roll first being discovered by the Oswego Indians and used in teas. That's another name for it, Oswego mint, Horse Mint among others. What I find so neat about it is the double and triple flowers it has. So I have decided to go "Native"! Well within reason anyway, so the azaleas and Japanese maple tree must go! I am doing my part to rid my little place in the world of plants that are more ornamental and replace them with native ones that are. My next plants on my wish list are Wintergreen and Winterberry. The website for "Earth Tones" is http://www.earthtonesnatives.com/ If you get a chance venture up to Woodbury and visit this very unique nursery who is making a difference!

"Bee Balm" or "Double Mint"

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