Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Here they are!!! Our new little additions!!!

Here they are! Tawny and Fluffer's new little additions! Sadly she lost her first litter a few months ago so at the advice of my breeder friends we tried again with my better success! She had 7 but one was still born. They are 2 weeks old today!

Here they are at 3 days old! It was all I could do to kiss each and every one of them!

At one week old they are getting their colors. Sadly the white one at the bottom passed away and we were not sure why. The runt at the top has had quite a struggle. Tawny would let me hold her twice a day to nurse him sepearatley.

Here they are at 10 days old, look at the one down at the bottom, he's a mutant! It is twice the size of the runt!

Ah matey! We have eyes opening at the 10th day! So cute!

And here they are at two weeks old! They are moving about and being really jumpy when you go in. I am holding them everyday and Tawny is fine with that. She like to get out and run around the room.

The runt is at the top, rallying and doing well. Getting bigger everyday and nursing on it's own too!

They are too cute for words! They get kisses everyday!!!