Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Friday, June 19, 2015

Never give up on a hive...

I work in a Nature Center and am lucky to be able to take care of an Observation Hive there. It often needs to be controlled because it only has 3 1/2 frames of bees. Yesterday I removed 2 frames of bees, brood and brought them home.

So, we will add them to the hive that seems to be fumbling. They raised a queen but she did not return from her breeding flight and even after giving them a frame of brood, they did not rear another queen.

To do this we need to separate the bees from each other for a few days by adding a few sheets of newspaper...

place another hive body on top...

and add the new bees. And then I noticed it! A queen cell with a larvae in it!? Seems like I got this frame out just in time!

So we step back, the bees will chew through the newspaper and unite with each other. By this time the new bees will loose the pheromone that they hold from their previous queen. Hoping for success with this hive one way or another. The one thing this hive has been successful with is drawing out all the frames and producing a lot of honey!

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