Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Peaceful Winter Wonderland!

 Our first snow fall of the year was beautiful and called for a snow day for many! This is the front of our house...snow, snow, snow...
 the back of our house was so beautiful too! The chicken coop and the greenhouse were encased in snow, making the chickens think it was dark out!
 The "Fiber Gang" didn't seemed phased until our dog "Autumn" came in with her new faux sheep coat and they got a little freaked out! I think my animals are fiber snobs!
 She knew she was sporting her new coat in fashion! It's a bit big for her, I got it for a bargain at a tag sale so we have to tie it around her belly. She had some fun dipping her nose in the snow, biting it and running around. She loves snow!
 Our gold fish pond is ready for the cold. The red disk is a heater that keeps a spot open so it doesn't freeze allowing gases to escape so the fish don't die. We have had these fish for many years now.
 Our chickens refused to come out and get their feet in the snow. Even with grain and bread they refused to venture out. Our chickens are chicken!
 The snow piled up on top of our chicken run. There were so many leaves on top, so I got the rake out and cleared it. It was like a tunnel of darkness and this may have lead to the chickens not coming out!
When you looked up to the sky, you could see thousand of snow flakes spiralling down. It was so beautiful! I think we should always try to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature...