Our sign in peace

Our sign in peace
Our sign in peace

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Pain of Moulting!

 Oh the pain of moulting can be painful in many ways. When I checked back on the blog, I realized that this began way over 8 weeks ago. Our rooster is finally getting his feathers back!
 We noticed blood where his feathers are breaking thru. Oh the pain! I was concerned until I saw another blogger post the same thing, she too has been under moult for over 8 weeks.
 He, as well as many of the hens are starting to get in new feathers. There is quill dust everywhere in the coop.
 Today we got a whole two eggs out of 25 hens. The pain of moulting is also hard on the farmer who depends on egg sales to pay for feed. Our chickens lay enough eggs that we sell to feed the entire farm.
These two girls are looking better than they have been. The one on the left still has a few missing neck feathers. We had an apron on her because she was so naked. So we are hoping this is coming to an end, it's been long and painful in many ways!

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